Crunch Report | DJI releases its new drone, the Mavic Pro
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 11:00 pm

DJI releases its new drone, the Mavic Pro, Nissan builds a line-waiting chair that automatically moves you in line, the Department of Labor sues Palantir Technologies, Cogenra and Khosla Ventures are suing SolarCity, and Elon Musk gave a keynote speech about becoming a multi-planetary species. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Three things venture capitalists need to show their own investors
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 8:30 pm

 “The table stakes for [venture capitalists] has never been higher,” says Judith Elsea,  co-founder of the fund-of-funds Weathergage Capital, in our latest interview. With the rise of stronger and stronger operational models, like Andreessen Horowitz, the value add VCs must provide has increased significantly. So in this world of heightened competition for LP money, what do LPs… Read More

Tyra Banks on startup investing and her new TV show
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 8:06 pm

 Tyra Banks rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco this afternoon. The supermodel turned entrepreneur and startup investor was there to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of Tyra Beauty. Tyra Beauty is both “beauty business and badassery,” Banks quipped in a video chat with TechCrunch. It’s a “cosmetics experience, not… Read More

Musk says under 5 percent of SpaceX is working on Mars mission, 2024 launch is ‘optimistic’
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 7:56 pm

 Elon Musk has a plan to colonize Mars, but he’s not rushing it. In a conference call following the SpaceX CEO’s presentation today at the International Astronautical Conference, Musk noted that the project is still essentially a hobby at the company, drawing only a fraction of its efforts. Read More

Samsung waiting to see where VR hype cycle lands before moving on standalone headsets, next-gen 10K displays
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:47 pm

 At a company event today in San Francisco, Samsung President & Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn detailed that the company is actively pursuing both smartphone-focused VR headsets and standalone solutions. The decision to market and ship a dedicated all-in-one device would rely largely on where the VR market goes in the upcoming months and years, he says, and whether the clunky headsets… Read More

GoGoGuest helps coffee shops manage their Wi-Fi, customer-by-customer
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:46 pm

 Be honest: Have you ever spent an entire day working at a coffee shop, despite only buying a single cup of coffee? I’ve definitely been guilty of this, and I’ve also been to coffee shops that try to fight back by removing outlets, turning off their Wi-Fi or outlawing laptops on certain tables. A startup called GoGoGuest is taking a different approach that could help coffee shops… Read More

Best Buy partners with PCH to bring hardware startups to its brick and mortar
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:16 pm

 “It is still incredibly important for startups to get their products in front of customers in stores,” explains Highway1 head Brady Forrest. “Startups traditionally face hurdles to entering brick and mortar retail, and that is why PCH is working with Best Buy to innovate in-store retail with things like direct to store shipping, which drastically reduces inventory cost for… Read More

Tinder Boost lets you pay your way to the front of the line
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:10 pm

 Tinder is introducing a new premium feature called Tinder Boost. The feature will let users pay to have their profiles displayed first to other users on the app in the same locale for 30 minutes. According to the announcement, it’s all about saving users’ time and making sure that the Tinder experience is maximized during the time that they’re actually using the app. From… Read More

What to look for in the next Pokémon Go
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:00 pm

 If you had to crown an “App of the Summer,” Pokémon Go would undoubtedly be at the top of the list. The app became a household name within days of its July launch and was the most downloaded iOS app in a first week — ever. Pokémon built one of the most resilient brands in recent memory, and provided a playbook for other brands looking to catapult their intellectual… Read More

“Good guy” loan startup LendUp fined $6.3M for overcharging
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 5:38 pm

 LendUp was supposed to be different than the payday loan sharks that rip off the poor when they need emergency cash. But in its early days, LendUp charged customers illegal fees, miscalculated interest rates, falsely advertised loans nationwide that weren’t available there and misled people that borrowing from LendUp would boost their credit score. Now LendUp will have to pay $6.3… Read More

The OX is a flat-pack truck for the developing world
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 5:35 pm

 The Global Vehicle Trust has revealed its OX prototype, a truck that can be flat-packed into itself for transportation anywhere in the world. When it arrives at its destination, the OX can be unpacked and assembled by a trained team of three professionals in about 12 hours. (Insert your own favorite IKEA joke here.) The GVT was founded five years ago by British businessman and… Read More

Everything you need to know about SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 5:13 pm

 All eyes were on Elon Musk today as he gave a keynote speech at the International Astronautical Conference in Mexico. Musk said he was going to detail SpaceX’s plans to colonize Mars and make humans an interplanetary species, and he delivered – at least, in part, since we still have a number of big questions that need answering. Read More

Google unleashes deep learning tech on language with Neural Machine Translation
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 4:14 pm

 Translating from one language to another is hard, and creating a system that does it automatically is a major challenge, partly because there are just so many words, phrases and rules to deal with. Fortunately, neural networks eat big, complicated data sets for breakfast. Google has been working on a machine learning translation technique for years, and today is its official debut. Read More

Occipital launches $500 dev kit to turn your iPhone into a room-scale tracked VR headset
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:56 pm

 For iOS or Mac users interested in VR, there isn’t a lot you can do right now without migrating to the dark sides of Android or Windows. Occipital is aiming to get people on the iOS platform access to some more cool VR opportunities. Today, the company opened up a $500 development kit today that brings room-scale motion tracking to iOS (as well as Android) smartphones, Upload reports.… Read More

IBM releases DataWorks to give enterprise data a home and a brain
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:44 pm

 While the gears of research are turning fast developing new methods of machine intelligence, another, perhaps more impactful, trend is brewing in the field. Open source frameworks like Apache Spark are hitting their stride at the ideal time to put data analytics in the hands of the business development analyst without forgetting about the needs of the data scientist. IBM’s new… Read More

Honeywell’s new HomeKit and Alexa compatible smart thermostat runs $149
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:37 pm

 Honeywell’s been doing its thing for well over a century now, with its thermostatic roots stretching back even further to the 19th century days of coal heating. The company’s connected thermostat history, meanwhile dates roughly back to 2013, with the simply named WiFi Smart Thermostat, released following a bit of a patent dustup with Nest. Announced today, Honeywell’s… Read More

Airbnb revamps its app with new tools for hosts, improved messaging
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:26 pm

 Airbnb may not be ready to unveil its new travel services app, Airbnb Trips, just yet, but in the meantime the company is giving its flagship application a big makeover. The upcoming version of the main Airbnb app will introduce a number of new features for hosts, including things like message templates for quicker replies and a calendar that lets them easily see who’s staying when,… Read More

SolarCity accused of misappropriating solar company Cogenra’s trade secrets
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:17 pm

 Solar company Cogenra is suing Elon Musk’s SolarCity over the use of shingling technology the company alleges SolarCity took from Cogenra and used to create a world-record breaking solar panel. Cogenra says it shared its “most precious and confidential trade secrets, manufacturing processes, and other intellectual property with Silevo and SolarCity” between 2010 and… Read More

ClassPass sacrifices 10% of customers in pursuit of healthier margins
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:10 pm

 Classpass, the subscription service for fitness classes, became a household name because of one simple innovation. The business model. Combining the breadth of a marketplace with a subscription pricing structure sparked a handful of similar startup launches (like Vive, which does the same thing with hair blowouts). But more importantly, it was the turning point for the company, putting it… Read More

Avoid the startup graveyard
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:00 pm

 The startup world moves at breakneck speed — what’s hot one minute is old news the next, and it can feel like the rules of the game change every day. For successful startups, rapid growth often attracts the attention of incubators and accelerators. However, there are other options. Namely, partnering with tech “titans” — bigger tech companies that used to be… Read More

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